Twitter Friend Adder FREE

Just wanted to throw this site in there for anyone who hasn’t heard of it, Twitter Adder. This is a FREE service that allows you to get 20 random followers on Twitter, NOT Targeted Followers. It’s a good way to meet some new people on Twitter.

With all the FREE Downloads like Tweet Adder, the #1 choice above that allows you try out all their features, and gain up to 250 Targeted Followers for Free, then I don’t really see the point of this service anymore. When it first came out it was O.K. for the average Twitter user, but not really targeted for business owners and seasoned pros. If anyone who’ve never heard of this site or anyone interested in getting 20 random followers on Twitter, then maybe you’ll want to check them out.

Want to become a affiliate for the Top Twitter Pro Tools and Software? Most of the sites above have a awesome affiliate program, especially Tweet Adder. You can make easy sales with them. Anyone can do it. Just go to their websites above and sign up for their affiliate program. They’ll have all the info you’ll need to make some money. Just don’t purchase through your own links cause this is against their Tos and make sure you abide by all their rules.

I hope this review on the Top Twitter Adder Pro Tools, also known as a Twitter Bot will help you out in some way of your quest to get more targeted followers on Twitter for your business and needs. More reviews of Twitter software will be added soon.

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