Twitter Adder – Which one Should You Choose?

Choosing the right Twitter Adder

I’ve mentioned before, there are many different versions of a Twitter Adder available out there now days. Most of them are just cheap imitations of the high quality ones so just make sure you keep that in mind when you’re looking around for one. I’ve tried just about every Twitter adder out there in the past and have been actively using Twitter pretty much since they first made an appearance, so I know which ones are the best value for the money, and are from reputable companies.

The type of Twitter adder you choose will really depend on what your needs are. If you’re a business owner, website owner, a marketer, part of an organization, or just plain want to make money with Twitter, then these 2 Twitter adders that I’m going to review for you are the best ones out there. I always tell people to not just take my advice, and make sure you do your own research and experimenting before you make a purchase on anything you buy online. I know once you have, you’ll quickly learn the best Twitter adder’s are TweetAdder and Tweet Attacks.

Which Twitter Adder is the Best?

To be honest, there’s actually quite a few good ones out there, but as in quality, support, features and price, then it’s hands down Tweet Adder and Tweet Attacks is the best complete Twitter adder for the money. Others may be a little cheaper, but won’t have all of the features or support these 2 top twitter adders have. And others have a recurring monthly fee which definitely starts stacking up after a few months. I first started using Tweetadder because they were one of the first Twitter adder software’s that was available on the market. I’ve had a ton of success with them and they are still one of my favorites. But then Tweet Attacks came out about a year or two ago and is quickly becoming one of the best Twitter tools for marketers. Both of these Twitter adder software’s have many similar features and capabilities, but they do offer a few different things that the other Twitter adder doesn’t have. Make sure you checkout the reviews on each one below and see exactly what the differences are.

Tweet Adder was voted #1 Twitter Adder Software

TweetAdder is for professionals who want to build a larger social network on Twitter. This Twitter adder was released about 3 years ago so they are a very stable and legit company. Thousands of marketers, business owners and organizations have already purchased this Twitter adder to get more exposure and traffic from Twitter. I tried their free download first before I made a purchase, which was pretty cool since they let me try out all their features first. They have a limit of course to what you can do with this Twitter adder software’s free trial, but it’s enough for you to know if it’s the right choice for you.

Tweetadder was very easy to use since they had plenty of step by step tutorials and their support came in handy a few times when I first had purchased it. Sometimes their support desk isn’t the fastest, but they have always gotten back to me with my questions. Easily create and maintain multiple Twitter accounts mostly on auto-pilot just like I did with this Twitter adder. It was great since I market in several different niches so I used Tweetadder to help build my networks around my niche sites. Some things like your reply messages will need to be created by hand, but just about everything else can easily be automated and scheduled with this Twitter adder.

Tweet Adder features:

  • Price: $44 (with discount) one time fee
  • Free Demo (try it out before you buy)
  • get more twitter followers instantly
  • money back guarantee
  • lifetime support and updates
  • automates just about anything you want
  • ton of search features
  • works with Mac or PC
  • automated follow and unfollow features
  • find like minded people in seconds
  • and much more..

Tweet Attacks Quickly Becoming the Twitter Adder for Marketers

Tweetattacks is more for aggressive marketers. So what makes this Twitter adder different from Tweetadder? You can make money or get traffic to sites without even having any Twitter followers. Tweet Attacks has features that allows you to search and find what people want and are looking for. Let’s say someone tweets “how to make some extra money” or “I want an iPad”. Then you can use Tweetattacks to send a reply with exactly what they were asking for. This Twitter adder also has features like tweet spinning and scraping content from sites or other tweets. Most of these features can all be done on auto-pilot.

UPDATE: 3/23/12 – Just got an email from the creator of TweetAttacks, and he let me know that they will no longer be selling Tweet attacks since one of their features was in violation of TOS policy. Twitter wasn’t having problems with the actual software, it was one of their extra features that you could add on, but the owner just decided to take down the entire site for now. Tweet Adder is a better alternative anyways, and has been around for more than a few years. And of course, they always abide by all of Twitter’s rules. Actually, one of the things I like about Tweetadder is how they are always updating their software to keep up with the latest Twitter updates.

Many savvy marketers have made a lot of money using these features from Tweet attacks. I’ve made a little at least enough to pay for this twitter adder software by using some of the search and reply features, but I don’t rely on it to heavily. I’m mostly looking to build a bigger network around my niches to bring more traffic to my sites. There is however something I should warn you about before you go attacking Twitter to heavily with this feature. Twitter is quite smart and may shut down your twitter account if you do send to many replies to quickly. Because this feature is very powerful and fast. Have I ever had one of my accounts closed down using this feature? No, but I have some buddies that I’ve talked to in some forums that have had theirs shut down. They recommend experimenting around on one of your dummy accounts first before using it on one of your main Twitter accounts. Tweet attacks also has a complete free version available which is another cool thing about this twitter adder.

Tweet Attacks features:

  • Cost – $57 for lite version or $127 for Pro Version (with discount)
  • one time fee
  • Discount – yes, check below
  • Free version available
  • money back guarantee
  • auto follow and unfollow features
  • Tweet scraper
  • tweet scheduler
  • tweet spinning
  • only works for PC
  • many search features
  • lifetime updates and support
  • use on unlimited twitter accounts
  • no Twitter API limits
  • automate just about everything
  • and much more

Here are the best twitter adder coupons (discounts)

I’ve looked all over to find you the best twitter adder discounts that are available currently, and here they are.

For Tweet Adder enter one of these 20% off coupon codes at checkout. I’ve added more than one because they expire after so many uses, so the first one you choose might not work anymore. DISCOUNT20, DC20, CYN20 or FRESH20. Just enter one until you see the 20% off discount when you’re at checkout.

For Tweet attacks there isn’t any coupon codes just a special discount link that I got from the actual creator of tweetattacks. Just Click Here and you’ll receive $20 off the regular price. This is (only for their Pro account) which normally goes for $147 and you’ll get it through the discount link for $127. The link automatically takes you to a hidden page with the lowest price possible for Tweet attacks Pro edition. There is NO discount available for their lite version, I’ve already searched and asked for one.

Don’t make the mistake of purchasing a Twitter adder from one of the cheap imitation sites out there and get burned like I have in the past. Make sure you use one of the links on this site to purchase directly from the official websites.

Twitter Adder – The Most Effective Way to Use Twitter

Twitter adder

There are many Twitter tools out now that can really help take the burden of building and managing your own account. One of my favorites would be a Twitter Adder. Now there are several out there that aren’t even worth your time, so make sure you do a little research before making a decision on a Twitter adder. I’ve tried out several different ones and found out many of them are just cheap imitations of the real thing. It was the worst when Twitter first became the next big trend and there was a new Twitter adder popping up on a daily basis. Most of them were fly by nite type of sites and I had gotten ripped off by a few of them.

I knew Twitter would become really popular so I really started putting time and effort into learning about Twitter quickly after the social media giant made it’s first appearance. I remember trying to manage my first Twitter account by hand, let me tell you that it wasn’t much fun at all. It was until I heard a friend of mine tell me he had his running on auto-pilot just by using a Twitter adder. Ever since then, I’ve had multiple Twitter accounts growing and running strong with very little time and effort on my part.

Click here to watch more Tweet Adder videos

What exactly is a Twitter Adder

There are Twitter tools which most of them just do one specific task, or just a few. While a Twitter adder will have more features than you probably even thought was possible, all running on autopilot once setup properly. When I was using some of the twitter tools, I would have to use several of them to get more out of my Twitter accounts. I was spending more time and energy just keeping up with these different tools that it was starting to become a real chore rather than actually making my life easier. A Twitter adder will allow you to use Twitter much more effectively and efficiently with the least amount of effort. Also, commonly known as a Twitter software rather than a tool because of the multiple tasks they do, and you’ll own it and have it on your own computer.

Get more traffic and exposure to your websites or business using twitter adder

What are the Benefits of a Twitter Adder

Are you trying to buildup your network and get more Twitter followers than you’ve ever had? How would you like more traffic and exposure to your sites or business? Then a Twitter adder is one of the best ways to do just that. It’s not just about getting more followers on Twitter anymore. It’s more about getting targeted twitter followers who are actually interested in you, and what you have to offer. And there’s no better way to find the exact type of Twitter users you are interested in than by using a good Twitter adder. This is just a small part what it can do for you, here are some more benefits below.

Twitter Adder features:

  • instantly get more targeted twitter followers (up to 500 a day per profile)
  • run multiple twitter accounts on auto-pilot
  • ¬†instantly find like minded people
  • laser targeted global search tools
  • many auto follow and unfollow features
  • no twitter api limits
  • nothing looks robotic, everything looks very human like
  • schedule tweets and DM’s
  • Auto Unfollow, VIP Safe List
  • lifetime updates
  • one time payment with a guarantee
  • Increased exposure and traffic to your websites
  • and much more, to many to list!

You’ll find that there are probably way to many features that you’ll ever even need once you start playing around with this Twitter adder. But don’t think that it’s a really complicated piece of Twitter software. It was very easy for even me (completely no tech skills) to get the hang of it and set it up the way I wanted to. And there’s plenty of step by step tutorials, and there’s always the lifetime support. Which is pretty good most of the time. I think there was one time when they took like a couple days to get back to me, but that was also when they first released and were getting bombarded with a ton of sales.

Who Would Benefit from a Twitter Adder

The average Twitter user probably doesn’t need this type of Twitter adder software, you would probably be good with just using some of the free tools online.

But anyone who owns a business, internet marketer, wants to buildup their network and online presence, leads an organization, has a website or just plain wants to make money with Twitter, then you definitely should get a Twitter Adder. Let me be blunt, you’ve probably already tried just like I have in the past to build and maintain a single Twitter account let alone multiple twitter accounts by hand, right? It takes a lot of work and time to get a decent amount of followers. Let alone maintaining it on a regular basis.

Go here to download the free Tweet adder demo from the official site

A Twitter adder can build, grow and maintain multiple twitter accounts all on auto-pilot. I found the only way to get a ton of targeted twitter followers quickly is by being someone famous or already being very well known online. Like if you have a really popular blog or website, then you could get a lot Twitter followers, but that still can take sometime to buildup a big network on Twitter.

A twitter adder isn’t just for people who want to get more followers quickly, but it’s also great for handling your daily tasks. Companies and top twitter accounts usually have a full time employee, or team who maintains their Twitter account for them. A twitter adder is more efficient and costs a whole heck of a lot less.

How Much does a Twitter Adder cost?

Not much at all. This was voted #1 Twitter Adder and for one profile it costs $55. It’s one of the best investments that I’ve ever made. It’s a one time payment with lifetime updates, and support. And this company has been around for several years now so they aren’t going anywhere. They also always keep up with the latest Twitter policy updates and changes.

I suggest you try the Twitter Adder FREE demo and see how you like it before you make a final purchase. And if you do, then I suggest you search for a coupon code just like I did when I purchased mine. I would list a twitter adder coupon code here but they are ever changing so I don’t know which ones are currently working. I believe you’ll be able to get at least 20% off the purchase price, that’s what I had gotten off a ways back when I had made my purchase.

I’m telling you a Twitter adder is one of the best investments that I’ve ever made online once I found the right one, of course.

You need to give it a try, but make sure you use one of the links from this post to make sure you aren’t being fooled into getting one of the cheap imitations because there are several out there, and I’ve been burned more than once. Try this Twitter adder out for FREE today.